Water Naga
Creation11 Bliss 1789 DE
Nativevaries by subtype

In the Dawn Era, the Asteraoth system became embroiled in a great war between the Covenant and the primordials. When the world Osâchar fell to the primordials, its Theegan population were enslaved by their new masters. Many were put to work as slave labor and some were experimented on. One of the experiments that proved the most fruitful was when the primordial Omphudax brought a giant constrictor and a theegan to near death. With the two subjects close to each other, Omphudax then infused the two with life energy followed quickly by a burst of entropic energy. The result of this was the first water naga. Other naga sub-types came about from exposure to certain Soul Gathering Systems; which serve as magnets for certain energy types. The Lorhazi, generally chaotic evil, came about from their time in the Abyss. In this system, they battled the demons in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), becoming abyssal infused in the process.

The guardian naga came to be lawful good. This happened in the Creation War. Captured by Covenant forces they were put through various indoctrination programs, purging their souls of entropic energy and cleansing their wickedness.

The Rikhirra came about after the Fallen Angels were exiled from the Mortal Systems. Highly intelligent, many serving as staff officers to Asmodeus and others, several dozen water naga went with their bosses. Like all those that spend to much time in The Hells, these naga became known as Hells Sisters, the Rikhirra.

As a whole the naga are not a populace race. They have a slow reproductive rate and for whatever reasons have a hard time working with others of their type and worse so with different naga types. Most naga have high charisma and high intelligence. They generally view themselves as superior to other races. This is often attributed to a very long history of them serving in leadership or high positions in the Creation War, Abyssal Release, and the Demon Spawn War. The naga served under the primordials in the first two wars. In the last of these epic conflicts, the guardian and water naga served alongside the Covenant, and the Lorhazi generally with the demons.

Nagas have great variation, most have human heads with a serpentine body, while others have a more serpentine head. Most have two arms, but some have four or even six. Those with six arms are generally of the Lorhazi sub-race, and sometimes referred to as the Daughters of the Marilith.

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