Bruh Kreniik Fog Breaker

Bruh Kreniik
CategoryHigher Powers
Systemfree roaming
Arch-Creationist12 DE - present
SymbolBlue Web of Energy
BornLost Ages

Bruh Kreniik, Draconic for Fog Breaker, is one of the oldest beings of the universe. He is the first dragon, progenitor of the Dragon species. He was the first non-primordial to figure out how to use the raw energies of Chaos, creating worlds and everything that goes in them, making him the first non-primordial Creationist.

In 77 DE, orbiting the star Tirulûmâ, he created the world Lunia.

In 236 DE, in the Ellubôz system, Bruh Kreniik created the world Nessus.

Uth Alok, first world of the Mortal Systems was made in 485 DE by him and another Tier 1 Creationist named Danzar-Khâl.

In 500 DE, on the life sphere Uth Alok he created the Lith-Crillion. He charged this supra-genius race with establishment of research posts across many of the worlds that he created. They were tasked with observing the evolution of creation and monitoring for any primordial influences or other disturbance that may upset the establishment of Law where this once had only been Chaos. He was not alone in this practice, but was the strongest of the Creationists. This idea of spreading Law at the expense of Chaos brought down the wrath of the primordials, starting a 7,000 year war called the Creation War.

In 722 DE, on the world Kriav, Bruh Kreniik created the Kriavfahliil. The first created of these elves was to become the future god Corellon.

In 751 DE, he and Danzar-Khâl created the world Regulus.

In the Dawn Era, he and other gods like Danzar-Khâl were the ones that started shaping the energies of Chaos into worlds. These acts of creation led to the Creation War with the primordials seeking to bring down the order that the angels and gods were imposing upon the multi-verse. While the gods and angels battled the primordials, Bruh Kreniik and a few other gods continued to build out the universe. They figured that worlds would fall to the primordials and be returned to Chaos, but if they made enough of them, the primordials would grow weak as they spread their forces. Bal-Kriav and the Golden Seven fully backed this grand strategy. They knew that the chaotic tendencies of the enemy were such that they would spread their forces, while they focused on surgically taking out primordial leaders and turn certain planets into fortress worlds. Bruh Kreniik was also away from the major conflict and decision-making for political reasons. He was deemed too neutral in his views, willing to split the realm in half if that would end hostilities. Ares and Athena, at the time archangels, were against half measure seeking defeat of the enemy and settling things on their terms. Bruh Kreniik's creationist activities also led to sticky situations where he was creating evil things near bases of good leading to friction and outright fighting in some. Bruh Kreniik, then and still the most neutral one could probably become, would retort to the complaints by calmly stating that too keep harmony there must be balance - and he went on making creatures and beings of evil, good, lawful, neutral and in any combination thereof.

In 1399 DE, Bruh Kreniik created Sphere 408, a world that would come to be known as Marragh.

Bruh Kreniik's great task of building worlds left him little time for mundane tasks. The times he did work on such things, he created wonders of imagination and legendary artifacts like Danzar-Khâls Surveyor. This device was made by him and Danzar-Khâl, with the purpose of adding some skill to Danzar-Khâl's attempts at creating sentient lifeforms.

Before the Lith-Crillion Era, Bruh Kreniik was the only Higher Power that had the power to send someone through Ascension. His main requirement for the candidate was that they act as a shepherd for some people and not just be out for greater power. Over time, the other Higher Powers learned to collectively elevate others to cult power.

Bruh Kreniik does not take worshipers. He considers himself above the idea of being worshiped by mortals. He is more power powerful than all the gods of some pantheons.

Known Powers
Divine Toughness+10,000 hit points as Tier 1 Creationist
Legendary Scales+30 divine armor bonus
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks