ClassÂni voidship, unique
BuilderAnubis, Hades, Ptah, Set
Commissioned26 Temporal 1484 DE
Ownernone (died)

The Âni-Zandân is a ship made from a nautilus-like organism that flies the skies of the world Uth Alok. This nautilus-like organism is an androgynous species known as the Âni, one of few creatures that can be readily bio-engineered. The first people to experiment on them was a team of scientists working under Bruh Kreniik. The scientists were Anubis and three others destined to become Higher Powers; Hades, Ptah, and Set. They created living compartments in these organisms; and by way of psychic surgery got the host amicable to those living inside them.

Near the end of the God Era, the Lith-Crillion home to Uth Alok used the Âni-Zandân in the crossing of the Void. After resupplying with the Crillion Comet, the Âni-Zandân continued on. In 1 LE, they arrived landed on the world of Bal-Kriav, establishing centers of research on the Isle of Arcana.

The Âni-Zandân has given birth to others of its kind that dwell in the deeps of oceans rather than sailing through the clouds. Two of Âni-Zandân's ocean dwelling offspring are the Âni-Matîrûn and Âni-Nâthil. The land dwelling offspring live within the stones of the Pyramids of Power.