ClassÂni voidship, unique
BuilderAnubis, Hades, Ptah, Set
Commissioned26 Temporal 1484 DE
Ownernone (died)

The Âni-Zandân is a ship made from a nautilus-like organism that flies the skies of the world Uth Alok. These androgynous creatures are called Âni and have the unusual capacity of being unharmed when bio-engineered. The first people to experiment on them was a team of scientists working under Bruh Kreniik. The scientists were Anubis and three others destined to become Higher Powers; Hades, Ptah, and Set. They created living compartments in these organisms and by way of psychic surgery got the creatures working for them.

Bruh Kreniik was so impressed with their work that they were each raised to 5th Rank Angels, then sent off to do the more important task of girding for the coming war, one that would sweep across the universe as the the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

Near the end of the God Era, Uth Alok's Lith-Crillion used the Âni-Zandân to cross into the Void. After resupplying with the Crillion Comet, the voidship continued on. In 1 LE, they arrived on Bal-Kriav. On this world they established centers of study on the island Arcana.

The Âni-Zandân that came to Bal-Kriav gave birth to others similar to it, but not the same. Its progeny became more at home with the deeps of the ocean than floating among the clouds. The Âni-Matîrûn and Âni-Nâthil are descendants of Âni-Zandân.

The Âni-Zandân ended up dying of old age. The shell of this creature's body remained hard into death and was harvested for armor, doors, and plating for other ships.