Kraa'tzor Sphere 6

AliasSphere 6
FocusNature Energy, Unholy Energy
Formed19 Witchrite 61 DE

First known as Sphere 6, this world was one of the many created by Piranoth. In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), this world was much fought over. This was an internal struggle with Demon Lords and demon upstarts seeking to lay claim to a vibrant world, dense with vegetation, rainy, and where life was abundant. It was unlike the bleakness that had overtaken many of Piranoth's other worlds scattered across a system that by then was becoming better known as the Abyss. Instead of helping drive out the primordials in the Abyssal Release, demon tyrants fought for ownership of a single world they called Kraa'tzor. From Abyssal, Kraa'tzor translates to "One Mother". Most noticeable in areas of dense vegetation, it is said to have been named thus for a nature-oriented sentience that can be felt across the world. It is thought that this sentience is in fact a jealous power, playing off those on the world against each other. If this is true, this being has escaped detection by even the mightiest of the far seeing Higher Powers.

Kraa'tzor is indeed a living world, the rivers underneath defy gravity. It is my opinion, they are the veins of the being that is either all of the world around it, or a good part of it.

- Ergmore, earth archon surveyor of the Mantle of Hyaloclastite - "One Mother Indeed"

Today, this abyssal world is claimed by the demon lord Sess'innek.

Notable Figures