Aša Ukhan

RegionTroll Bogs
Built30 Brightstar 1698 DE

Aša Ukhan was one of a series of coastal citadels built by the Nawirrûs Covenant. For much of the Creation War, it served as an important port, supplying the efforts to defeat the primordial incursions spilling out of the Radullu Rift. The areas around this rift, one linking this world with another, were under constant threat of primordial attack. One legend of that time, in the age of when it all begin, the Dawn Era, the hero Phalgas was sent to Aša Ukhan. He had suffered debilitating wounds that only nature energy could heal. Highly skilled in such matters, Silvanus was then in the Chen'gom military sector studying the cross-world contamination - the byproduct of opening a rift to another world. In one of of Aša Ukhan's hospitals, Silvanus cleansed Phalgas's blood.

In the Demon Spawn War, Aša Ukhan and along with what would eventually become known as the region Troll Bogs was haven for forces serving a master of the Abyssal Hegemony. The master that lay claim to this land was the Demon Lord Sess'innek. His claim was hardly contested, with Covenant forces focused on other more strategically important regions. Nonetheless, Sess'innek built up his forces as much as he could. Knowing the problems with rifts, he tasked his minions with finding and creating soldiers from the natives around them.

I, like others, quickly learned that a long-term war could not be prosecuted by rifts alone. Moving soldiers and supplies from our home system, the Abyss, to Quara'tun was perilous. You have weave spiders, in packs easily capable of taking down a Primordial Lord. Rifts are costly to make, requiring null mines or sheer luck. They are inefficient. The Covenant can attest to that from the Creation War. Why move so many supplies when the natives on the other side already have their supply systems in place.

- Sess'innek, from his book Chen'gom Stratagems - "Single Point of Failure"

At Aša Ukhan, Sess'innek's demons turned places that in the previous war, used for tending to the sick, wounded, and dying, into research labs. The first success to come from these demon labs happened on 11 Bloom 8995 GE. By way of abyssal infusion, they created a mottled green creature, a Greenie, or Kulax in Abyssal, the first troll.

Many more were made, then nature took its course. These brutish, dim-witted creatures had no trouble propagating. They spread across the lands, marshaled at the head of our armies. They were not wicked in their methods, preferring to kill when they were hungry. Many escaped at the first chance they got, forgotten in some dreary backwater, or left to cause havoc in the our victorious wake.

- Giracian, general serving Sess'innek, from a scroll found at Aša Ukhan - "Fodder"

When Phalgas ascended on 27 Hollow 9050 GE, the fresh water stream running through the hospital, the one that had been joined by some of his blood, became the Blood of Phalgas. The demons were still in possession of the place when this happened. They were so afraid of this "holy" appearing stream, that they abandoned the hospital. They built a massive vault around this place, the Giracian Knot. It would remain intact for thousands of years before being breached by adventurers.

In the God Era, while demons and Covenant forces battled it out, the Radullu Creep continued its southern push. This cross-world contamination, a product of the Radullu Rift, turned vast areas of sectors Ara'phis and Chen'gom into wetlands. Eventually Aša Ukhan was cut off from what would become known as the Bog Sea; a bay turned inland sea. The streets were lost to swamp mud and many structures permanently flooded. The shelters beneath the city became underwater labyrinths.

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