FocusNegative Entropy

Mechanus. The very name draws a picture, using set square and protractor, of a system of Ultimate Law. A more rational and ordered place you'll not find, but unless you can tumble to the logic behind it, the system can be even more unfathomable than the chaotic soup of Limbo.

The perfect synthesis of world and machine, the worlds of this system are constructed of an infinite number of gears and cogs, connected by an ever-turning array crankshafts, axles and rotors. Where the machine is kept oiled and greased it runs smooth and quiet, with only the gentle creak of metal rubbing against metal and the pungent smell of mechanical lubricant to remind a cutter he's anywhere odd. Oh, and the view -- even a hardened system-walker draws a sharp breath when he first claps eyes on Mechanus.

Where the modrons are less vigilant, nearer the edges of Mechanus (as much as any infinite area can have edges) the grinding can be almost unbearably shrill. It's said that these parts of Mechanus are haunted by unquiet gear spirits, or Mathematicians driven barmy by the many-fold paradoxes of this realm.

A traveler must remember, of course, that Mechanus is far more three-dimensional than many other realms. Gears and cogs can be orientated at any angle, but are usually all horizontal or perpendicular to each other (the occasional cog can be found at other angles but these usually have complex connection mechanisms to ensure the motion of the plane is transmitted). Unlike many more "mortal-like" worlds, where most of the realms and burgs are found on the surface, there are burgs on Mechanus's worlds not only next to one another but stacked above and below, and at right angles. Some large cities can spill over several adjoining cogs, and the rotating bridges that engineers have made to cope with this are a sight to behold![1]

After the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Danzar-Khâl put Mechanus under the oversight of Primus and his modron legions.

Astronomical Objects
NameTypeRulersWeb of Magic
Gears InfiniteplanetNeld-Rac

Focus Effect

Orders Perfectiontemporary +1 health per level to all lawfully aligned creatures in this system.

  1. Francois Mersch (from Planescape Mechanus)