Built12 Brightstar 8765 DE

In the God Era, Lukoon created the Tragaran race to help battle the demons. It was not an unusual thing, with Creatonists across Nawirrûs doing the same. There was a collective knowledge of Creation such that to give a new sentient a fighting chance, it was best to raise them from babies. Lukoon was needed in the Demon Spawn War, so his creations, nearly a thousand of them, were sent to the care of the Covenant crèche at Gamba-Nîr. One group of children, designated by the school as the Adûni, were raised in the upper elevations of Kilth, the Punir were raised in the lowlands north of these mountains, and those designated the Tûrugul in the jungles to the south. In addition to normal schooling, they were heavily trained in jungle warfare, practicing in the Bopharan and in the coastal jungles flanking the Kraaroz inlet. They were being prepped for the demon invasions expected anytime now.

Beyond the Tragarans, others passed through Gamba-Nîr's great halls. After graduating, they were sent off to join the Covenant armies waging war against demon lords seeking to make the Quarat'un System their own.

Gamba-Nîr is a massive complex spread across five miles of rugged terrain and beneath. With grand halls, some wide enough to accommodate a marching platoon of giants, Gamba-Nîr in more recent times has served as the lair of dragons. The Reds of Kilth had their meeting here in the Kilth Deeps War. They each coveted Gamba-Nîr, each secretly planning that after the subjugation of the surrounding region, and rivals gone, it would be their empire's capital.

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