Plague Gullets

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The Plague Gullets were birthing pools for otyughs, deadly molds, and other horrors that thrive in areas of rot and decay. The first Plague Gullet came about in Andibutt's sewers. This city was a refuge for mortals fleeing the primordial invasion of the Dawn Era. The primordial lord Mephirouth sent his agents into the city's sewers and began the process of turning this cesspool into a spawning area for his distasteful disease carrying minions. These included those previously mentioned along with rats in the millions, hordes of dire rats, rat swarms and plague spewers. Andibutt suffered many years of plague and death from the sickness brought forth by all the carriers of disease coming up from Andibutt's Plague Gullet. In 8419 DE, ten years after Mephirouth began his misdeeds, Andibutt was abandoned and then set on fire by forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant. There now being no hosts left in the area, Mephirouth lost interest in the place and moved on. He left behind his minions where many turned to preying on each other or perishing from starvation.

The second Plague Gullet formed in the triton stronghold Natar. This bastion served as a training area for angels and other water-breathing Nawirrûs forces. Here, the tritons trained those who may be able to breath underwater and get around, but were not skilled in underwater combat like those born to the element. Natar was built half underwater in the deeps of Nielalroch and half into the open chasm Irôchâr Plunge. Like at Andibutt, nefarious agents of Mephirouth came and polluted the area such that it had to be abandoned for nearly five centuries. Today, Natar is a powerful triton city-state.

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