Ownerindependent city-state
Earth Elemental1%
DeitiesGeb, Tarâk
Founded3 Kindle 8541 DE

This settlement was founded in the Dawn Era by Tarâk's creations, the Grimlock. For a long time, population growth was slow under what Tarâks Minion Roster coded the 3rd Tarâk Encampment. They were like many groups of grimlock settlers under Tarâk; tasked to laying claim to the land around them. Tarâk's long-term goal was building a worshipper base spanning the Underdark. After surviving on their own for ten years, Tarâk named the settlement Akalgas.

Sited in Brucrumus's Tier 2 Underdark, Akalgas was far from the battle areas that made up the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War. They were ordered by Tarâk to stay out of the fighting, instead focusing on growth, construction and the exploration of the subterranean reaches.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, Akalgas came into conflict with Sathubas's aboleth. Three city-states of these creatures had the idea of sinking the region, or as they claimed, "creating living space for their people". To counter the rising water table, Akalgas's people and hundreds of earth elementals, the latter sent courtesy of Geb, built the Akalgas Wheel. The many canals and water wheels of this marvel stopped the flooding of Sathubas. It had the side effect of creating a trade link between Akalgas and settlements near the Sidari-Nyx. The most important of these is Valangrim.

The city's earth elemental population came from the nearly three centuries of construction work on the Akalgas Wheel. Without them, this marvel of engineering would never have been built. The elementals were not slaves, but agents of Geb working for Tarâk's followers. In exchange for their help in saving Akalgas, Tarâk reluctantly told his followers to allow the building of a shrine dedicated to the god Geb. This shrine grew to be a grand temple that serves as a place of prayer and the main passageway into the Akalgas Wheel.

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