Dead God Fountain

RegionGreat Expanse
Built15 Brightstar 1510 DE

Off the northwestern coasts of the Great Expanse is an anomaly if not seen, can be heard for more than one hundred miles in all directions. Rising up from the depths of Nautrek is a monstrous fountain of water that jets upward ten miles and then cascades down with a deafening roar. This cascading water creates turbulent waters and huge waves for forty miles in all directions. On nights when the Opulent Eye is full, radiating its red aura, it is said that one can occasionally catch a glimpse of Benevolence's apparition, always the same, nearly a mile tall, hands over his face, great tears becoming towering waterfalls.

Ancient rune monoliths at Suldaan Mithil claim that the Dead God Fountain was produced when Benevolence slew Kesserine.