Typesmall humanoid
Creation6 Hollow 8793 GE

Goblins are the most populous race of the realm. They were created near the start of the God Era by a creationist named Tita'gob. He had little interest in nurturing his creations, instead moving on to the next locale on the same world or another and creating more goblins. As a result, goblins are found across many systems. When they end up in empires dominated by evil races, they can often be found doing menial tasks or serving as front-line "cannon fodder". In the Orchish Empire, goblins that prove they are more than just something to soak up enemy arrows and magic can advance to higher combat roles, like Hangath Archers, light infantry, skirmishers, or scouts. Some have even went on to become renown Fograth generals.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, one of the most well-known goblin heroes was Maglubiyet. He was an evil warlord that over many centuries created a goblin empire that spanned continents, islands, and under the seas. His death led to a civil war that seemed without end. It shattered the Gob'biyet Empire into pieces. To end the decades long conflict, Maglubiyet was made a cult power, a god for the goblin race (c.f. 621 LE). Those behind his admittance to the Higher Powers, thought this would bring unity and civilization to his people. The word of Maglubiyet spread from Avalas to goblins on distant worlds. Several millennia later, in the Horgon Era, Maglubiyet went silent. Priests could no longer feel him, losing their link to divine energy, unable to cast their priestly spells. Maglubiyet was slain by one who also had aspirations to godhood, a mortal hero named Gruumsh. Several thousand years of worship to one god was exchanged for another. This went smoothly for the adherents of Maglubiyet's first motto, "Might Makes Right".

Most goblins tend to be neutral evil - but not all. Those of Nemebhox, most descendants of the Orulûn Divison, are anything but evil in alignment. The only way they can be turned evil is by magic. This trait that keeps them from turning evil is a a product of them being around a powerful angel. In the God Era, Asmodeus sent angel general Niruš to the Aettein sector. She was tasked with rallying the goblins running amok around Orulûn. These were peoples created by Tita'gob and then abandoned to make their own way in the world. For a time in the Demon Spawn War, they were getting torn apart by roving packs of demons or enslaved by them and tasked with building fortifications and other things the demons were not interested in doing. Niruš went to the area and rallied the goblins and put them into training. Since she favored the bow and use of hit-and-run tactics, the goblins were taught the same techniques. They went on long range reconnaissance riding dire wolves, dire boars, and griffon riders on overwatch. In the Demon Spawn War, Niruš's Orulûn Divison specialized in long-range operations, disrupting supply lines, and harrying the enemy. The demons so feared, and respected, the Orulûn Divison that some of those captured were sent back to the Abyss where they were cast into spawning pools - giving rise to the first Arrow Demons.

Goblins are very adaptable. This comes in the form of them changing color to match the area they are in and even becoming accustomed to high altitudes like the azure goblins of Griddrir, or the brutal heat of the brimstone goblins living in Gludragh, or the desert traders/raiders of the Sands of Hells - the alluvial goblins. Goblin coloration and slight body differences are limited only by the number of environments they are found in.

Racial Traits
Racial as goblin
Adaptive take on the color of the area they live in, acclimatization in a year
Height 3'3" - 3'7"
Weight 40 – 55 lbs