RegionNorthern Hordelands
Founded29 Lunar 9026 GE

Hezvix was built in the God Era, during the great war of that era, the Demon Spawn War. In this war, demon legions invaded the worlds of the Quara'tun System. They were led by Demon Lords who in the Abyssal Release had made a name for themselves. After taking the Abyss from the primordials, they took their thirst of war to the worlds of the Mortal Systems.

On the world Bal-Kriav, Hezvix was designed by Demogorgon's top builder, a maralith engineer named Skinaere. Hezvix was built to serve as a staging base for Demogorgon's push into Zyrath and then northward into Sava'loth. Skinaere believed that there were offensive fortresses and those designed to hold strong, the center of gravity for the keeps and bastions around it. She had Hezvix built as one of the latter. She was a master at layered defenses. At Hezvix this is noted by a series of walls and towers built close to each other. Each have battlemented decks that in times of conflict became difficult to reach by friend and foe, a virtual death sentence for those tasked with defending what they called "Hades Glove". In addition to her skills in civil engineering, Skinaere was known to be a consummate torturer. Whenever she built something, she made sure it had a dungeon. In the war with the Covenant, Hezvix's prison saw so much torture and agony that today it is sealed off for the psychic trauma it causes. It is also the lair of ancient wracked spirits, groaning spirits and ghosts of terrible power. It is such a dangerous place, that every year Krumisbar sends a team up to inspect the prison's wards. No friend of Umahanbad and their open slavery and violent ways, the holy advisors and their contractors put aside their differences when it comes to securing Skinaeres Sanctum.

After the demons were driven back to the Abyss, Hezvix was left to the wilds. It is so large, once holding a garrison of 40,000, that it became the home of beasts, monsters, and bands of gnolls, hobgoblins and giants. These denizens were always under threat of attack with the spiritual denizens of the prison proving the most dangerous. A stabilizing element wouldn't arrive until the First Epoch.

In 901, the infamous Bloodbeards of Phlehorn came to this area. These criminals were of the worst sort. Phlehorn's king had them teleported to Hezvix. This teleportation was done using a demon relic that was also to play a part in Phlehorn's downfall. After being teleported to an unknown location, the Bloodbeards found themselves inside a demon built fortress. Luckily it was empty of all but a few beasts and monsters. It had stores of weapons and armor left from the God Era. These demon forged armaments proved of great use in protecting the 2,000 or so hardened criminals. The area around Hezvix was rugged, devoid of resources, and too dangerous because of the horrors haunting Hezvix's prison, so the Bloodbeards went east founding Naram-Gunal in Olmi Hjark's southern foothills. Two decades later, they came back to Hezvix and re-occupied it. In a very strategic position, it served as a defense against marauding Jara and incursions by gnolls based out of Yennog and Broken Teeth.

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