Kerath Anchors

RegionAerie of Dragons, Adunamar
Built16 Kindle 9252 GE

The Kerath Anchors are unbreakable, immune to anything of lesser strength than the being that forged them - Atlas. At the time, he was a titan hero destined to one day become a god.

The Kerath Anchors were made to keep the primordial Kerath from breaking out of Sken Drog and wrecking havoc on the lands around them. Ag Envok knows of this danger, so they keep outposts near exposed parts of the chains on the surface and in the Underdark. The chains run deep, traveling five miles into Adunamar. As such, some exposed areas of the chains are outside of Ag Evok's control.

In the Second Epoch, some intrepid tinker found a way to get shavings from these god forged chains. These are small filaments, but what they lack in size they make up for as a powerful ingredient used in magical items that boost strength.

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