Har Karib

Founded14 Temporal 9157 GE

Har Karib was built in the God Era as an undersea bastion. It was mainly garrisoned by tritons and a host of aquatic life supporting the angelic forces of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). A massive underwater place, Har Karib was once the heart of layers of undersea fortifications that extended outward for ten miles in all directions. This defensive matrix is so large that in the Demon Spawn War it took 40,000 tritons to effectively garrison it. One of the units stationed here was the 82nd Last Hope. When Asmodeus became a Fallen Angel, this army followed him back to EllubĂ´z. Once in that system, the tritions of the 82nd were transformed into something more diabolic, becoming a new race that Asmodeus named the Sahuagin.

In 9495 GE, the sahuagin of the 82nd returned to Bal-Kriav, capturing Har Karib from the remnants of great triton armies that once garrisoned there.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, a confederacy of triton city-states joined forces and drove out the warlord Dreshbine. This sahuagin lich warlord had held sway over Har Karib for five centuries. Dreshbine's sahuagin population numbered nearly a 100,000 with tens of thousands of tritons and other undersea races, many born into slavery. The liberators took over Har Karib and other minor holds in the region. Most of the tritons liberators joined together in 341 LE establishing the empire Caradruk. The sahuagin fled far south into the Mephigax ocean.

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Har Karib