Broken Ward
RegionTribe Steppes
Founded26 Saunas 8998 GE

Devdine was built in the Demon Spawn War by those under a brutal demon lord named Demogorgon. Mostly halfling prisoners were used in its construction, and this was more than just labor, with thousands giving their own blood to make the mortar. There was no real benefit of doing this, except Demogorgon's desire to upset Avandra and her halfling armies. Bloodletting was only one form of torture doled out to prisoners. Out of pure wickedness, the demons would bet on who could fire a halfling the furthest out into the waters of Monwuil. Based on murals in Devdine, the hapless victim would be tied to a heavy rock and catapulted into the lake. It is generally thought that a similar practice by the jara at Elf Toss was inspired by these same murals.

The jagged blood-red architecture of Devdine matches that of Galstyxe. Both of these places were designed by the same team of engineers. When the demons were driven from Bal-Kriav (in the Demon Spawn War), Devdine was scoured for hiding demons and any relics that would pose a danger to mortal explorers. Demogorgon's forces left a lot behind when they fled back to the Abyss. In some cases this was intentional, with chaotic evil sentient weapons left behind. The idea was that even though the demons were gone, these sentient weapons would remain behind and act as vessels of Abyssal intrigue. Two weapons that have come out of these ruins are the mace Screaming Maiden and the war pick Demon Purr.

Some areas of Devdine are protected with powerful holy wards. These were put in place to contain some abyssal influence like a rift to the Abyss, or haunting presence. When these wards are brought down by arcane degradation or some powerful being, an alarm is raised in an outpost of the Portal Sentinels. A team will then be sent to investigate the disturbance and recreate any destroyed wards.