Ingu'lumin's First Rift

Opened17 Lunar 9101 GE
Closed25 Lunar 9101 GE

This rift was created in the Demon Spawn War by Ingu'lumin. This primordial disembodied thinker found a mountain of rock floating in the infinite entropic expanse of Chaos and used it as a plug. Then Ingu'lumin tore a great hole in the Web around this floating mountain and then pushed into the Rukhs wasteland. The effort to push this through a rift was minimal for in Chaos it was as easy to move this mountain around as if pushing a cart. Once on the Bal-Kriav it took on its normal weight. From the side of Chaos, it was blasted with fiery entropic matter creating tubes. Fire archons and elementals were sent into these to do more detailed work. Their work was made easier by a flow of lava coming through the breach. This rift was a test to see if what he had planned would work and to see what the level of resistance would be from the Web's indomitable weave spiders. These eternal guardians of the Web were quick to arrive at the tear and begin repairing, thereby sealing the rift and stopping the flow of lava. During their repair of the Web they took out three of Ingu'lumin's clones. After the closure of what became known as Ingu'lumin First Rift, its creator initiated the second stage of his plan, the opening of another rift (c.f. Ingu'lumin's Second Rift).