Fihrgrell Cap

CategoryMarvels, Glaciers
Built19 Dreamer 9457 GE

In the Demon Spawn War, a rift was opened between the abyssal ocean Fihrgrell and a place on the world Bal-Kriav. The rift's opening at the head of the Moredhel valley drowned an entire army serving under Graz'zt. Parts of the valley were submerged in seawater with the rest flowing down the valley and then west towards Thrawkrall. At the Ratanur Trap, the seawater disappeared into a rift where it returned back to Kurun'Ush and its abyssal sea Fihrgrell. Graz'zt blamed Gorag'theg, ruler of Kurun'Ush, for the loss of his army and creating a natural barrier to his army's advance. Gorag'theg's watery demons were also becoming problematic with their attacks on his soldiers all along the flooded valley. Gorag'theg admitted that it was not he who created the rift but agents of Loki so he was not to blame for the change, yet also stated that since the area was in the waters of Fihrgrell, an area he ruled over, it was his to keep. Near the end of the Demon Spawn War, after Graz'zt was driven back to the Abyss, the Quarat'un Covenant had Thyrm freeze the rift's opening. This frozen area at the head of the Moredhel valley is the Fihrgrell Cap. As seawater comes through the still open rift it freezes and pushes upward and outward. The expansion of this unnatural glacier is kept in check from melting under the rays of Merioss and Juniger.

Notable Areas
  • Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift