Fihrgrell Cap

The Frozen Titan
CategoryMarvels, Glaciers
Built19 Dreamer 9457 GE

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), behind the centers of conflict were the two sides intelligence apparatus, units for gathering information, others for clandestine work, and some for retiring enemy leaders and other important personnel. For elements of the Covenant, this was dirty work, the province of those whose ideals were more to the unsavory side. For the Covenant, those involving deception, confusion and increasing rivalries fell under the department headed by general Lukoon. The area Fihrgrell Cap, a glacial marvel at the northeastern edge of Sector Vetoubahr was a product of an operation to trick the demon lord Gorag'theg, then create a rivalry between him and the demon lord Graz'zt.

The opening of the Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift (9266 GE) was the first part of what Lukoon designated Operation Mindbender. The opening of a rift was the first part of the deception. Gorag'theg, not the wisest of the demon lords making up the Abyssal Hegemony, was given the coordinates of a weak spot in The Weave. In return for this transfer of information, a Covenant agent got a null mine. The wording of this trade said that a properly placed null mine, something that was extremely hard to come by at this period of the war, would "open a channel to the sea". Gorag'theg took this to mean the rift's opening would face north in the direction of the Sea of Mourning. This was important because his demon armies where those of the sea. The words held the key to the deception because based on his thinking, it would not open west towards the sea channel separating the continents Karterus and Straiden. This was something lost in the translation of the agreement from Supernal to Abyssal. In the latter, a sea channel is not a sea, while in Supernal the word used was more general in its meaning. When the rift opened, it opened south, creating a steady flow west to what the horned folk of Ba'lith like to call the Minotaur Inlet, a channel sea separating two continents.

A towering wave of seawater rushed down the Moredhel Valley, swallowing one of Graz'zt's armies. The seawater was that of the abyssal ocean Fihrgrell, tainted, smelling of rotting fish. Parts of the valley were submerged in seawater, becoming briny ponds and lakes, hunting grounds for Gorag'theg's lackeys.

- excerpt from the Moredhel Incident

The next phase of Lukoon's operation then naturally played out. The rift caused problems between two demon lords, one brilliant, the other a brute wrecking force. Grazz't was down an army and Gorag'theg's army was scattered across the flooding valley. Many of these were aquatic demons, built only for the oceans. Thousands found themselves stuck in areas they would not live long, out of water many were easy pickings. In the Moredhel Incident, written by a demon chronicler, it says Graz'zt considered the loss of an army a small price to pay to see Gorag'theg both tricked and losing an army that unlike he, could ill-afford. After the initial burst, seawater continued to come out of the rift, flowing all the way to the coasts. With the objective of taking the Elphion Forest, this river became a natural obstacle for Graz'zt's armies. It was also the home of Gorag'theg's watery pets, running amok and out of control as they were carried through the rift and down a river that was raging with rapids. Conflcit followed between the two, resulting in much of Azrik's lowlands remaining in Covenant hands. The damage from the otherworldly river continued until 9274 GE when a counter rift was made at the Ratanur Trap.

Near the end of the Demon Spawn War, after Graz'zt was driven back to the Abyss, the Quarat'un Covenant had Thyrm encase the rift's opening in magical ice. To make this permanent, they powered it with The Frozen Titan. This primordial, lobotomized by the demons, is what keeps the Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift contained. The Fihrgrell Cap is the frigid glacier around all of this. As seawater comes through the still open rift it freezes at the titan's head, then naturally pushing upward and outward. The expanding ice is kept in check naturally, melting under the rays of Merioss and Khâls Forge.

By the middle of the Lith-Crillion Era, the area's glacial runoff had turned Sorfandien into a fertile valley, rich in game and home to great equine herds.