OwnerRadiant Cross
Built11 Brightstar 9100 GE

In the Demon Spawn War, when forces under Lukoon and Silvanus were battling Graz'zt, the area around the Ark'toan bay served as a camp for a fey army serving under the archangel Silvanus. Many battles were fought here and fortifications built. The most notable of these bastions is Leza-Sîk. Before it was a formidable bastion like it is today, it was a hastily built stockade meant to fend off a demon army. In one of the battles of the Tha'lith Conflict, Silvanus's Walking Palm army battled a demon horde that greatly outnumbered their own. Silvanus asked for Treant volunteers to serve as a stockade, meaning that they would root themselves to the ground and then be petrified by spells to turn their trunk, limbs and branches into something as hard as stone. This petrified treant stockade saved the Walking Palm army from being wiped off the map, yet many of these volunteers perished in the process. This was because the battle resulted in much of the stockade being turned to rubble - un-petrifying something that is only half left is death to most creatures, including plant-life like treants. A few months after this battle, Asmodeus ordered a bastion built here to protect the petrified wood. The fortifications of this keep are among these petrified timbers.

Silvanus named the bastion Leza-Sîk in honor of a centaur champion who died fighting Graz'zt's demons. The death of nearly 50 treants, and the way they died, has left a psychic impression on the area. For fey creatures, this means they may experience mixed emotions. For those weak-willed, this usually results in panic, seeking the quickest escape from the area.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, 620 LE, two years after the founding of the Radiant Cross, Leza-Sîk was cleared of monsters, becoming the order's headquarters. From the stronghold's harbor, the order's sea captains have long patrolled the coasts of Ma'Ohari and threatened the pirates havens of the Buccaneer Archipelago. On land, they monitor the threat of ancient vampire holds like Drachlaz and battle the beasts spilling out of Gurutharni.

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