Founded16 Temporal 9094 GE

Moolowik began as a processing site for captives destined for the First Toadoolp Twist. At the time, this Toadoolp Twist was an entropic pond, making Kuo-toa from those cast into it. Under the leadership of Blibdoolpoolp, their creator and the Lord of Oomkaan, Moolowik grew to be a sizable town of kuo-toan and their slaves. Of the latter, most were demons in service to Athroond, Blibdoolpoolp's former boss.

After Blibdoolpoolp left the realm of mortals, the Toadoolp Twists were changed. Pools for making Kuo-toa became gateways to new lands. Places like Moolowik and Blipool became great half-submerged citadels, controlling traffic coming and going through these rifts. In 411 LE, under the Âkhi Empire, these rifts were first used to in population control; the empire sending the excess to the burden of some distant colony. Long considered a second-rate city, a military one, Moolowik was kept down economically by having no resource to provide the empire. They were a running deficit, kept afloat only by the commerce of the empire's other holdings.

Moolowik's fortunes changed on 526 LE. The death of Boggleen, Third Empress of Âkhi, was a changing of the guard. The new ruler, the Unstable One, came up with a grand project to expand their living space. Named the Buldapus Channel, under many reigns, it would be under construction for a thousand years. From all the activity, Moolowik became a supply depot, rest area for workers, and a market for twenty thousand workers. It became a first-rate city like Oomkaan

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