Troll Greenie

AliasGreenie, Kulax
Creation11 Bloom 8995 GE
NativeBal-Kriav, others

The first troll, what the demons called Kulax, came about in the Demon Spawn War. The demons of Bal-Kriav's military sector Chen'gom, created them from captured mortals. At Aša Ukhan these unfortunates were subjected to Abyssal Infusion. If they survived this process, then they became an abomination of their former selves. The various troll sub-types reflect the general build of the subject, with giants becoming mountain trolls, ettins becoming giant two-headed trolls, medium-sized becoming your standard troll, "greenies", fire giants becoming fire trolls, dire wolves becoming trollhounds, so on.

It's a large, gangly beast with lifeless black eyes, a body covered in wart-like protrusions, and slick, mottled green skin. Greenies; worthless creatures. In the Demon Spawn War, demons created green trolls, also known as greenies, from captured mortals. The victims were infused with the energies of the Abyss. The unfortunate became trolls; the fortunate died in the process.

... they're the basest of trolls, the least civilized, caring not what they eat, fresh or something rotted and long dead, even stupid enough to eat an undead, though it provides them no nourishment.

- from the Godspawn Saga

The most common trolls, what the demons called Kulax, an Abyssal word for "the greenish ones, or Greenies", are incapable of civilization and organization in numbers where they pose a major threat to empires. They were the first of the trolls, unstable, crude, and deemed by the demons as useful only as shock troops.

There are other types of trolls though, much rarer, that are much more intelligent and have had some success in building a civilization. The most adept at creating and sustaining civilization have been the crystalline trolls. This type is rather reclusive with holds either high in the mountains or deep underground.

The regenerative capabilities of trolls is such that some have taken to enhancing them, creating new troll sub-types like war trolls and trollhounds. War trolls are bred and trained for war and do not come about in the wild unless their community puts a lot of effort into teaching them martial skills. Most war trolls learn their trade in the militaries of empires like the Orchish Empire and the Toomrur Hegemony.

Troll Types
crystalline9 Artifice 311 LElow
fire high
ice5 Hollow 9099 GEmedium
mountain very high
scrag15 Temporal 9007 GEmedium
troll (greenies)11 Bloom 8995 GEmedium
trollhoundvery low
war28 Witchrite 1000very high