Creation1 Hollow 9263 GE
MapAndurja Fungal

Andurja is vast subterranean jungle of mushrooms, stalks, fungi and other aspects of Fungals. Andurja began as a post-war clean-up. After Orcus was driven from the world in the Hoof Front (9245 GE - 9262 GE), the Covenant assigned a group to monitor the ruin Ghak and began the work of getting rid of abyssal energies permeating the caverns all the way to the Demons Ladder. The Covenant's top botanist Huemutril tasked Myconids with the work of creating a dense area of vegetation that would in-time cleanse an area that once saw the passing of Orcus's demon legions.

In Andurja's four hundredth year of maturity, it reached a special fungal state by shear mass, becoming a giant recycling engine, converting traces of abyssal energy into nature energy. This added nature energy accelerated the forest's expansion northward towards the Demons Ladder.

Andurja is under the care of Boletus's myconid. Some of Boletus's elders have been around since the first years of Andurja, when it was a mere garden north of a demon lord's ruined capital. Today, it stretches four hundred miles, north of Ghak's walls to the Demons Ladder. In 1501 HE, Andurja's northward advance came to a halt at this place. This was the result of Boletus getting caught in the squabbles of two nearby city-states.

Going south of the Demon Ladder, Andurja has naturally expanded east and west, and downward into other subterranean tiers, making it perhaps the largest fungal on the world Bal-Kriav.

Andurja is home to many types of worms, giant slugs, shriekers, and a host of other subterranean lifeforms. The myconids are also here, those in the southern parts are less likely to be involved in the criminal syndicates of Boletus and steer clear of paying homage to the dark nature goddess Melrith.