Kuo-toa Species 122

Typeamphibious humanoid
AliasSpecies 122
Creation19 Witchrite 8989 GE

The first kuo-toans were created by Blibdoolpoolp. She created them at the Toadoolp Twists. This was done by the same method practiced in the Creation War by some primordials. They would capture mortals and cast them into entropic pools of energy where sometimes they were transformed into new species. The first kuo-toans came about in the area of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom. Today, this area serves as the heart of the ancient empire Âkhi; established by the kuo-toa of Oomkaan.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, some Tragarans began a transformation into another species. Those that changed were cultists worshiping a dark god named Blibdoolpoolp. These cultists underwent a transformation, growing webbed-feet and gills which were a blessing to a people dwelling in the great wetland Gurutharni. Some took to worship of Lukoon, but since he seldom answered their prayers they turned to other gods. A very small population of them worshiped Phalgas. This group became known as the Radiant Cross.

When Varelay came to power, Lukoon finally answered his worshipers by telling them they would be redeemed if they bring an end to the demons. The people were not up to the task because in the Varelay Upheaval, Rolipoon, capital of Tilnangau and home of the Tragarans, began to rapidly sink. Each day it dropped a foot, and when the city and empire were on the verge of being lost and the people left to only what they could carry or swim out, the cultists of Blibdoolpoolp offered them a choice of life with Blibdoolpoolp. Those that accepted, pledging solemn devotion to Blibdoolpoolp, were blessed with the god's boon. A transformation of these Tragarans happened rapidly over the next several months. They grew gills and primitive webbing on the hands and feet and their skin changed to a greasy sheen. These changes allowed them to descend with their city into the swampy waters of Gurutharni.

The city, slid into the mud and murk of the swamp, sliding towards the great whirlpool, on the last day as the city begin to drift into the whirlpool, the masses embraced the word of Blibdoolpoolp, and were blessed with the tools to live both on land and in the deeps.

- Nemerass, excerpt from the book "Rise and Fall of Tilnangau"

The people that stayed on the surface and did not go with Blibdoolpoolp were forced to move away from the sinking city. Those that went into the Underdark became another people transformed by a wicked deity seeking domination of Bal-Kriav's Underdark. These Tragarans that became kuo-toans were not the first to be changed. This has happened many times before.

Blibdoolpoolp, commonly referred to as the Great Mother by the kuo-toa, created the Murkin Channel as avenue for their escape. In 9212 GE, assuming a five year deviation, Blibdoolpoolp saw her minions suffering from the attacks of Tarâk's followers. Blibdoolpoolp's people were rightfully Tarâk's, since she had long been capturing his grimlocks and changing them to be more like her. They were chaos infused and corrupted with fell magic to become kuo-toans. Siquintex says that Blibdoolpoolp did the same with the followers of other gods too. I could garner no more wisdom from the elder brain since it deemed the information too sensitive and liable to draw the wrath of higher powers.

- from a Qualith stone at Gindrall - "Corrution of Blibdoolpoolp"

The kuo-toa are seen as humanoid amphibians bent on slavery, ritual sacrifice, and chaos. They have suffered a slow decline of civilization that has spanned thousands of years since the Great Betrayal. Some theologians even say that Lukoon hexed the kuo-toa race to get back at Blibdoolpoolp.

Racial Traits
Racial as kuo-toa
Lifespan 60 years