Built21 War March 9007 GE

Titaram was built by the aboleth. It lies near the northern tip of Cthorgo, today a half-submerged ruin. It was built in the God Era under the crack of the demon's whip by the same aboleth that built Urla'palos.

In 1614 LE, the Lith-Crillion came to the city taking it by force. Titaram's defenders, mostly aboleth, were no match for their assailants, falling under pooled psionic mental onslaughts that stunned them in great numbers. Those too resistive to Lith-Crillion pacification efforts were lobotomized and put to doing non-delicate things like labor. The Lith-Crillion did to Titaram what they had done at Urla'palos. The city was added to and architecturally changed by the Lith-Crillion. A surface city was built and linked to the aboleth's underwater city. Air domes and other features were added to the city so that the Lith-Crillion could work and live in both the surface and underwater parts. When the Lith-Crillion abandoned Titaram (just as they had abandoned Urla'palos), the aboleth returned some of these areas to the sea, but kept some to support those slaves that are more comfortable on dry land than submerged in Cthorgo's murky depths.

In the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the Durkoth of the Spire of Krak-Oth and those in Argruxiel left the surface. They went down into the Underdark region Imgangreth and then into the deeps of Cthorgo. In this Underdark sea they began a campaign of dominance that mirrored what they had done on the surface with the goblins of Hangath and Droonesh's trolls (9th century Horgon Era). This effort failed miserably at Titaram with nearly all the Durkoth being captured, turned into research subjects, or devoured by Titaram's aboleth.

Unlike the other Durkoth groups who went to Underdark seas or surface oceans, those that went to Titaram were eliminated or driven off. Being driven off was a death sentence, since a lone Durkoth or even a small group of them lacked the resources and labor to build Hibernation Tanks. Fortunately for some, they made it past Titaram. These went south where they joined together and had better luck taking Urla'palos.

Taking a page from the Lith-Crillion, Titaram's aboleth experimented on the Durkoth, taking their secrets by probing or cutting it out with psychic surgeries.

- Lagdú Gúrkúlub, former ruler of Shoglomph - "Lab Subject to Lab Masters"

Titaram was initially built to house aquatic types, namely aboleth slaves, myrmyxicus, skylvyn, and wastrilith. When the Lith-Crillion took charge of the city, they added a surface part which is buttressed to a rocky island. The surface and submerged parts are connected through tunnels. When the Lith-Crillion abandoned the city, the freed aboleth turned many of the waterless tunnels to water-filled.