Class19th wizard / 18HD demon
TypeDemon Lord
TitleMaster of Arioch
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born4 Prey 8669 DE

Athroond is a demon lord frozen in time inside the Arioch Cloud. He was trapped in this rift when an angel sacrificed himself to close it. Before being sealed away in time, Athroond ruled the Abyssal world Arioch.

In 8979 GE, the Arioch Cloud was opened. This was one of many rifts linking worlds of the Quara'tun System with Abyssal worlds. In addition to tens of thousands of demons that would come through, they also brought thousands of aboleth. These were led by Athroond's general Blibdoolpoolp. The aboleth served in support roles in rear areas, building places like Urla'palos and Titaram, and taking part in some amphibious operations along the light-less coasts of the Green Nebulous and Cthorgo.

Later in the Demon Spawn War, Athroond joined forces with Demogorgon. They attacking the angelic forces defending Lirgaza and Ufthag. When they encountered mortals they either tried to bring them under their banners, enslaved them, or outright killed them. These chaotic actions ended up causing most of the intelligent creatures of these regions to either ally with the Quara'tun Covenant or flee to some place away from the war.

Athroond used royalty titles to those worthy of it, or those who paid for it. There were demon barons, counts, knights, and a host of other such titles - but only one prince title which was held solely by Athroond.