Troglodyte Trog

Typereptilian humanoid

Troglodytes are descendants of Graagvrii recruited from Ladneg in the Demon Spawn War. Before they suffered the enmity of a demon prince, they faithfully served in the armies of Demogorgon. When this demon prince was driven from Hells Womb, blame fell on a group of Graagvrii that reputably helped the enemy. This has never been proven, with some even claiming that Demogorgon's head Aameul duped its opposite Hethradiah into believing that it was his pets, the Graagvrii, that betrayed him. As a result of this supposed treachery, Demogorgon laid a powerful curse on Ladneg's Graagvrii. These poor souls were driven into a state of madness that lasted decades. They fled into the Underdark, suffering mutations making them what they are today. This history is generally believed to be why most troglodytes, or trogs, are vicious, cruel, and chaotic evil.

Racial Traits
Racial as troglodyte