Troglodyte Trog

Typereptilian humanoid
Creation31 Kindle 9316 GE

Troglodytes are descendants of Graagvrii recruited for the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). Before they suffered the enmity of a demon prince, they faithfully served in the armies of Demogorgon. When this demon prince was driven from Hells Womb, blame fell on the Graagvrii defending the Ladneg Swamp. It is said they helped the enemy. Never proven, some claim it the workings of Demogorgon's head Aameul, duping its opposite Hethradiah into believing that it was his pets, the Graagvrii, that betrayed him. As a result of this supposed treachery, Demogorgon laid a powerful curse on Ladneg's Graagvrii. They were driven into a state of madness that lasted decades. Blinded and drying from the daylight, they followed the tunnels of Garâtha, descending into darkness. They continued to suffer mutations, becoming what they are today. The transformation changed their minds and ways, making most vicious, cruel, entropic and evil.

On 9 Brightstar 621 LE, the first Trog settlement, Troghaven, was founded on the shores of the Damazandal River.

Racial Traits
Racial as troglodyte
Intelligence 8