Trial of Asmdoeus

Period19 Hollow 9414 - 3 Lunar 9414 GE

The Trial of Asmodeus happened during the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). It was charges by the Quara'tun Covenant against its Supreme Commander, Asmodeus, and his loyalist generals.

The Covenant formed a delegation, which set off immediately for Dis. To their surprise, the once-featureless plain of Tyr-Mourn had been transformed into training camps for hellish beings with no problem fighting the demons on their terms.

They found the Well of Afterlife, illegally used, and of ill-purpose. They saw souls emerging in their new forms, diabolic things built for fighting the demons.

"What goes on here?", Heironeous demanded.

"Higher authority has granted us the power to harvest souls", replied Asmodeus. "To protect the Forge Worlds, and take the fight to the enemy, we naturally had to find ways to do this."

Heironeous, under the authority of the Quara'tun Judges, bellowed - “It is your job to punish transgressions, not to encourage them!"

The worst of the charges was the building of a secret army to fight the demons on equal terms. This meant finding those of a particular disposition, ruthless, fighting to the extremes where genocide and no quarter given were the norm.

A Well of Afterlife on Dis, placed their by Asmodeus and Dispater, was used in the making of these secret soldiers. Tuned in to particular energies, the Well pulled in souls with negative entropy and unholy energy, making them of the "lawful evil" alignment. Once coaxed out of the Well, the souls were given a new receptacle, a carefully designed body, becoming one of the many variants of the Devil race. Fully grown at creation, they were sent to training camps, indoctrination camps, then off to fight the demon hordes. The fight with the demons were the dirty side wars of the Demon Spawn War, battles at the great citadels overlooking the Styx and taking the fight to the enemy's home worlds.

Long before the trial, quite a few Covenant higher-ups that knew about Asmodeus's secret legions. For most it was a hard matter to decide on, Asmodeus was doing an extremely good job as the Covenant's supreme commander, and from all reports, these secret armies were doing quite well at protecting the Forge Worlds, and taking the fight to the enemy's home worlds.

Another charge of the Trial of Asmodeus, was the unsanctioned use of a Well of Afterlife; a device better left in the hands of the Creationists. The matter of who gave this device to them, has never been solved.

Presided over by the Quara'tun Judges, those charged and found guilty were Asmodeus, Dispater, Geryon, Baalzebul and the money boss Mammon. On 3 Lunar 9414 GE, they were banished from the Mortal Systems, joining the ignominy of the Fallen Angels.

With loyal soldiers in charge of the Covenant war forges across Ellubôz, Asmodeus created a secret army to fight outside the rules of humane warfare.

This trial is not about the success of these secret armies, but that they violated Covenant laws.

- Heironeous, prosecution team

Asmodeus smiled, and the smoke of a thousand battlefields rose from his lips. "As Lord of Battle", he pointed out, "you should know better than any that war is a dirty business. We have blackened ourselves so that you can remain golden. We have upheld the laws, not broken them." [1]

- Asmodeus, to Heironeous


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