Built9 Temporal 8991 GE
Local MapHarknori Reach

Kodgroar is an ancient colossal-sized bastion sited in the lava fields of Hlaeust. It was built during the God Era by demon engineers. It is a chaotic-looking structure covering two square miles of broken land. In this place demon sorcerers under Baphomet opened a rift between an abyssal world and Bal-Kriav. The demons that came out of this place fought the angels in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). The gateway remained open for three years. When the Covenant forces under Asmodeus secured the area, they invoked corruption spells that destroyed all that came through the rift, turning them into undead. These undead were then set to guard anything that sought to come through the gateway or anything that tried to re-open the gate from Bal-Kriav's side.

Many of the undead that once dwelled here are gone, destroyed by volcanic eruptions or taken out by the denizens of the land. Those that remain, are very powerful and rise again several days after being destroyed. The most dangerous guardians of the area are lavawights. Luckily for many of the land, angelic magic prevents these undead guardians from leaving the confines of Kodgroar.

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