RegionHells Womb, Drarthiel

Trylming is an active volcano of central Agulbandal. It and Vistlod make-up the Daughters of Surtur. Both of these volcanoes reach deep underground where they are by the magma river Annbild Hrolmir.

Trylming is honeycombed with mines, passages, and chambers. These go from the gates of Alreirsoar all the way down to the Underdark shores of Geintar. Some lead to the the lava port Hurvar Sodir on the river Annbild Hrolmir. Trylming, like her sister volcano Vistlod, have mines rich with Naanabrak and platinum.

Some of the Trylming's passages are actually canals. These are part of a complex system of tubes and vents used for moving the lava that flows from the volcanoes, through Alreirsoar, and then into the surface lava lake Jorgeir. The largest of these lava canals is the Freysskorn.

Notable Areas