Typebinary star, Mortal System
Merioss Khâls Forge

Quara'tun is a solar system with seven planets. It is a binary star system, with Merioss being the closest star, and Khâls Forge the farthest away from the inner planets. At the end of Quara'tun is her sister system Asteraoth. The planets of Asteraoth orbit around Khâls Forge. The orbits of the planets of each system are perpendicular to each other.

In the Dawn Era, the worlds were just formed or being formed by the gods. The primordials sought to undo their order and bring all back into the folds of Chaos.

- Thraedli history

In the Creation War, the primordials sought to destroyed all the worlds of this system. They were defeated, but in so doing they were weakened and could no longer keep a lid on Piranoths Steps; today, more aptly called the Abyss. The miscreants of that system went on to invade Quara'tun in the Demon Spawn War. These two great wars, each unimaginably long by today's standards, left this system more than other, littered with wreckage of ancient wars, ruins, marvels, relics, and peoples defined by it.

Astronomical Objects
NameTypeWeb of Magic
Belt of Gebasteroid belt
Gebs Rainplanet
Khâls Forgestar (secondary)
Meriossstar (primary)
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Destroyed Orbital Bodies