Quara'tun Covenant

Covenant Soliders
Membersmortals, archangels, angels, gods
PeriodDemon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE)

The Quara'tun Covenant was an alliance of mortals and old heroes of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). It was a continuation of the Nawirrûs Covenant, battling those that sought to tear apart civilization. Renamed for its new focus, the Quara'tun System, their major opposition were the demon lords. These were beings looking to sate entropic rage and pure wickedness, with their armies, spilling out of what the Covenant still called Piranoths Steps.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Covenant defended the Quara'tun System from demon invasions on many fronts.

Rifts are on every world, tens of thousands coming across. As in the Creation War, the world of Bal-Kriav has more than her fair share.

Worlds on not being consumed like in the previous war, yet their most important parts, their civilizations, are being wiped out.

If we don't change our methods, we risk losing this war.

- Asmodeus to Ares, from Ares War Archives - "Morality of War"

The Demon Spawn War started early in the God Era. This Age of the Gods was a time when some got a higher calling, leaving the realm of mortals to become Higher Powers. As part of taking this new role, accepting the Rule of Divine Governance, they were forced to withdraw from the Mortal Systems. When they left, their command was taken over by another combat proven, skilled leader. With schools of war, most on the forge worlds of Ellubôz, operating since the Creation War, the Covenant had no shortage of trained, schooled, and usually highly effective commanders.

The top commander from the start of the Demon Spawn War was Ares. He led the forces of the Quara'tun Covenant until 9069 GE. When he became a Higher Power, the title CSC was passed to Ares's best general, a warmonger like Ares named Asmodeus. Another general named Athena, of higher seniority and who most favored, was passed over. It was a decision that would cause problems with those in the Asmodeus camp looking to fight the demons on equal terms, while those of Athena looking to prosecute the war with more merciful methods.

The Demon Spawn War was a brutal conflict that changed some of the Covenant's leaders to be more like those they were fighting. For some this happened from demon torture, like in the case of Lolth or from dirty fighting by certain generals in what often seemed like a losing war, as in the case of the Fallen Angels.

Covenant Supreme Commanders, abbreviated CSC, of the Demon Spawn War:

Covenant Supreme Commanders - CSC
NameStartEndEnd Reason
Ares8972 GE9069 GEbecame a Higher Power
Asmodeus9069 GE9414 GEbecame a Fallen Angel
Danzar-Khâl9414 GE9493 GEend of the war
TOC Covenant Commanders - TCC
NameTheater of Operations (TOC) Other