Class15th barbarian / 18HD demon
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
TitlePrince of Azu'tzor
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceAzu'tzor, of the Abyss
Died11 War March 9313 GE

Ahnuthall rose to the status of demon lord from his successes in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE). In this war, he never lost a battle when fighting the primordials; some point out that he never fought an army under direct command of one of the battle tested Primordial Lords. His military genius faltered in the Demon Spawn War. Cornered by superior forces under the leadership of a rival demon lord named Orcus, he was captured. Orcus was generous enough to allow him to keep his demon lord status, but must pay fealty to him for 666 years. It is said that Orcus kept Ahnuthall in check by the threat of giving out his true name.

One's true name is a bind to their psyche and essence. If a conjurer gets hold of this then they can draw the creature from across the multi-verse. For the conjured this will result in torture by spiritwrack and possibly death by goodly summoners, long imprisonment, used as a bargaining chip for ransom, or as a tool to wreck havoc on one's foes.

- Drog'paagol, from his conjuration tome Wisp Summonix - "True Names"

In the Demon Spawn War, Orcus assigned Ahnuthall with the task of establishing a base in Ohtarion. In this sector of the High Wood Country and others he battled the forces of the archangel Naraz-Nâru. After four decades of war, Ahnuthall was driven out of the region. He next appeared in the highlands of Grashakh. He was sent to this area by Orcus to counter the threat of Demogorgon who had the objective of taking it. The opposing demon armies spent more time and resources fighting each other than combating those of the Quara'tun Covenant.

In the Bowkrak hills Ahnuthall tried to bring a demon city of the Abyssal world Azu'tzor through a rift. This ended in disaster, with weave spiders sealing the rift as it came through. The city broke apart as the rift shrunk in size, obliterating tens of thousands of demons and slaves. Ahnuthall was the only person able to muster the inner power to open so large a rift so he paid the price of testing his meddle against the Web's guardians. There are scant records of the God Era, yet there is enough to conclude that Ahnuthall tried to bring a city, packed with demon soldiers, to Bowkrak out of desperation. He sought to retake the hills from the goblin mercenary general Maglubiyet and himself defeat the demon armies converging on the area. These allied armies where those serving under Demogorgon and Baphomet. As it turns out, the rock raining down from the shattered city weakened Maglubiyet's army so that it was also destroyed. The fall of armies did not end there, because the victors soon turned to fighting each other over the goblin's rich supply train. The badly battered foes did not get rest, because aerial units of Bahamut came in and strafed the area for days afterwards leading to the annihilation of both demon armies. These series of events and conflicts became known as the Battle of Ahnuthall Fall. For the Quara'tun Covenant it was a major victory where they had to do practically nothing but watch as four enemy armies destroyed each other with the loss of well over 100,000 enemy combatants.

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