First Dragon Wake

Lok Gevild
TypeDragon Wake
Period9251 GE - 9269 GE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Tiamat VS Bahamut
Lok GevildKrein Jusk

This conflict was the first Dragon Wake. It happened at the same time as the Hoof Front, a mini-war within the Demon Spawn War. In a few battles there were four armies on the field, angelic forces of the Covenant and their mortal allies facing the Abyssal legions, and the air filled with wings of dragons, those serving an abomination dragon named Tiamat and the others under Bahamut. The two dragon commanders also had their ground armies. The Three Orders, comprised mainly of Kriistvrii soldiers, were the largest contingent under Bahamut. Tiamat's ground forces were mostly demons loaned to her from Orcus.

The First Dragon Wake came about when Tiamat departed the service of Bahamut, and the armies of Asmodeus, several months after Operation Crab Advance. In this operation Tiamat was grievously wounded by the demon general Drurn-Adruk (under Orcus). Her wounds were chaos infused by the demon general's talons, quickly changing her both mentally and physically. She became a monstrosity of five dragon heads, with a body enormous in size. Her mind changed so that she saw Bahamut as a prideful, egotistical leader, someone keeping her down - all but the last true. Tiamat, once the mostly highly respected and decorated general under Bahamut, abandoned him. When it was learned she was using demons in her growing army, they became enemies. Taking responsibility for what happened to Tiamat, and too much pride, Bahamut made the First Dragon Wake a personal affair. He refused help from other allied archangels and considered this war a side affair of the Demon Spawn War and outside Covenant jurisdiction.

Krein Jusk

In the Lok Gevild part of the Aerie of Dragons, Tiamat used a powerful rod given to her by TarĂ¢k. This primordial forged item is the Volfdir Jollrod. It was used to tear apart the landscape, leaving gaping rifts, holes, and craters. The debris from these areas then floated skyward forming a jungle of rock and debris. Across what thereafter became known as Gelok Himdah, the Lifted Land, the sky became a maze of sky islands infused with the energy of Chaos. These sky-islands, each an earth mote, made flying quite hazardous. On some of these sky islands, Tiamat put her minions to work building great towers and fortresses. They were then manned by fire giants, demon mercenaries, and evil dragons. As a result of this network of sky fortresses, Bahamut's superior number of dragons could not be put to his advantage. This turned what would have been an air war into a ground war. As a result, Bahamut brought in an army from another world that would serve as his ground forces. This army was largely comprised of Kriistvrii.

Numerous ruined outposts, keeps, and fortresses dot the surface and sky islands over Lok Gevild. Most of these are ancient ruins left over from the First Dragon Wake.

The high concentration of dragon-bloods in the Aerie of Dragons is attributed to this war. Many tribes, clans, and families are descendants of armies that fought in the First Dragon Wake and the Demon Spawn War. One example is the Khage, from the Hammers of Khage which served under Munkar Khage, another the Vex Viing, descendants of one of Bahamut's reconnaissance battalions, the 222nd.