Pruziig Sken Virtuous Chain

Pruziig Sken Crusader
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesVirtuous Chain
HeadquartersPruziig Zeikangaar
Alignmentslawful good
Symbolplatinum chain shaped in an arc
Established7 Temporal 9498 GE

Pruziig Sken is an ancient order established by mortals duty bound to a calling that began in the God Era as guardians of the Aerie of Dragons. They sought to keep traces of evil in this region from getting out after the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE).

The soldiers of Pruziig Sken took up the mantle Guardians of the Dragon Wall. Their mission in the beginning was suppressing and eliminating evil influences, like demons left-over from the Demon Spawn War. Their area of watch was the western region of the Aerie of Dragons, Hiznaar Goz, facing the Dragon Wall. The demons that were around after the Demon Spawn War were remnants of armies that had served under Orcus. Their were not many of them, but enough to cause harm if not put down.

Pruziig Sken was formed by devout followers of Bahamut. These followers become his first worshipers after his ascent to godhood. They became the heart and strength of the Church of Bahamuat and continue so today.

The demon problem in the region disappeared after three centuries, with them either killed, cast back into the Abyss, or cunning enough to escape their pursuers. Escape was rare, because all of the demons that served under Orcus were known by name, making them magically traceable within ten miles. This boon was a product of Pruziig Sken having an unholy relic once housed at Ghak. When this place was captured by angelic forces, the Book of Pawns fell into their possession. This book gave the Order's trackers an uncanny ability to track down their demon quarry, and when within ten miles, it often came easy to pick up the demon's trail with their destructive and bloody habits.

After the demons were dealt with, others of malice came over the ensuing epochs, with the next major threat being the Durkoth under Neld-Rac. After the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), Pruziig Sken had to contend with roving bands of dragon-bloods and fragmented groups left in the upheaval following their Durkoth masters abandoning them. In the Horgon Era, the Kriistvrii of Hiznaar Goz were the order's only friends, with many being kindred souls of parent's that had served alongside each other under Bahamut. When Zeymah'kein fell, the Pruziig Sken were again faced with the threat of evil empires in the likes of the Black Tide in the Second Epoch, and on and off since the First Epoch with dragon-bloods of Ag Envok and the giants of Oathundor.

Pruziig Sken has bastions spread across and in the Dragon Wall. They claim that it is only their presence that has kept Hells Womb from falling to the evil or expansionist empires from beyond their eastern border. They have also faced west to meet threats by warmongering empires that have the potential to effect an entire continent. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), some efforts were made by the Black Tide in probing Niraat Rahn and other passes through the Dragon Wall, with the goal of re-opening the road to Ag Evok. The intent was to open a military trade route for supplying the Black Tide armies with laborers, slaves, and anything else for the war effort. The Pruziig Sken had closed the road so that no-one could use it to support the undead masters and their walking dead armies. The probes to open the road were met by half-celestial mountain goats, gold and silver dragons, and crack soldiers of Pruziig Sken with a military tradition seven millennia old - they tore these recon units to pieces.

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