Bora Korek

RegionHigh Wood Country, Menortamon
Built14 Brightstar 9270 GE

In the God Era, Surtur was an uneasy ally of the Quara'tun Covenant. Sometimes, he would go off and do his own thing. One of these things was creating friendly living spaces for his fire giants. He wanted to make sure that no matter which side won the Demon Spawn War, his people would be firmly entrenched. He first created Velkyn Spigot, a lava funnel to his great river of lava named after him, the Great Vein of Surtur. Once this rose upwards from the deeps, it flowed south along passages hewn out by Krephus's purple worms. The escape vent for this lava river became the volcano Bora Korek. When the Covenant learned of Surtur's doing they sent Kossuth to neutralize Surtur's work. Operating out of Irkvild, Kossuth and his minions turned to de-pressurizing the area. Boring out dead-end canals, a latticework of rivulets going nowhere, the area cooled down. In 9294 GE, Bora Korek became a dead volcano.