Rikhirra Hells Sisters

Typenaga sub-race
AliasHells Sisters
Creation11 Bloom 9417 GE
NativeBal-Kriav, The Hells

The Rikhirra, a naga sub-race, came about a few years after Asmodeus and his general staff were relieved of their Covenant commands. Exiled from Bal-Kriav and other worlds of the Mortal Systems, these Fallen Angels were sent to a system they had militarized. They were accompanied by loyalists, one group were water naga that had once served alongside them in the Demon Spawn War. Highly intelligent, many served as staff officers to Asmodeus and others, and like all those that spent to much time in The Hells, they were changed. These water naga became known as Hells Sisters, the Rikhirra.

Many Rikhirra are consummate tacticians, raised and trained in one of Hells war colleges. Those found in the Mortal Systems, regardless of who their serving, are usually taking their orders from some higher up of the nine core worlds generally referred to as the Nine Hells. In Ba'lith and the Orchish Empire, Rikhirra serve as tactical officers and strategists. Even though their skills are highly sought, they are not generally trusted.

Racial Traits
Racial as dark naga
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