RaceSprite (Celestial, Solar)
TitleFirst Voice
Born9 Temporal 3412 DE

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Niruš rose to the angel rank of astral deva. Her nature and tactics made her the type of leader for fast light infantry, reconnaissance units, and guerrilla warfare. One of her traits as a celestial is an emanation that turns mortals from evil. This means that every day that an evil mortal is within sight of her, they risk being changed from lawful evil to lawful neutral, chaotic evil to chaotic neutral, or neutral evil to neutral.

In the war with the demons, Asmodeus sent General Niruš to the Aettein Sector. In this area she was tasked with rallying the goblins and giving them hope in the fight against the roving packs of demons under Baphomet. She succeeded beyond all expectations in this sector, forming the legendary unit Orulûn Divison; which would go on to leave a tradition of light infantry tactics among the goblins of Nemebhox.

When Silvanus became a god, he chose Niruš as his First Voice. This led to the promotion of Niruš to the rank of solar.

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