Murkin Channel

Murkin Channel - Garathral

RegionGrashakh, Ikešai, Imgangreth
Opened7 Hollow 9212 GE

The Murkin Channel is an intra-system rift that links two far apart areas of Midrêth. By way of it, one can be whisked away in but an instant, leaving Brucrumus's subterranean region Imgangreth and arriving in Ikešai, a subterranean region of the continent of Straiden.

On 7 Hollow 9212 GE, the primordial lord Blibdoolpoolp created a permanent tear in the Web of Magic. Created in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), it was a bridge for getting her forces to distant subterranean areas. For nearly a century, Blibdoolpoolp's minions spread across the region of Imgangreth. They were settlers and proselytizers espousing the greatness of Blibdoolpoolp and her near divine status. Most of her people, especially the kuo-toans, were also soldiers. They fought the demons and the Covenant when they had to, allied with one if it fell within Blibdoolpoolp's grand designs. Blibdoolpoolp's greatest competitor to Imgangreth's people was Tarâk. Both desired the Divine Power that comes from being worshiped, the stuff that makes one a Higher Power.

In what became known as the Battle of Dream Madness, Blibdoolpoolp and her kuo-toan army were defeated by a Grimlock army under Tarâk. The remnants of Blibdoolpoolp's army fled through the Murkin Channel, settling in the faraway region of Ikešai, founding Fongruk-Toa in 9303 GE.

The northern entrance to the Murkin Channel is deep inside Lake Murkin; 2,650 feet under water to be exact. The rift entrance is a very large inky black area of water. By swimming into it, one is taken to a subterranean lake of the Ikešai region; three thousand miles away.

The rift's southern entrance, in the Ikešai region, is within the subterranean lake of Fishur. The rift on this side is 600' down.

The High Minds of Ginrall, mind flayer seers, are perhaps the best source of information on the Murkin Channel.

Blibdoolpoolp, commonly referred to as the Great Mother by the kuo-toa, created the Murkin Channel as avenue of conquest, one of winning by numbers. She is like Semuanya, seeking to dominate the dark reaches by weight of numbers. The Murkin Channel, created 9212 GE, was one such way of spreading her influence. She wanted Imgangreth. With its great sea, she saw its potential for her Kuo-toa creations.

- from a Qualith stone at Gindrall - "Road to Imgangreth"

Anti-Magic Shell this makes the rift undetectable by magic, and more importantly undetectable by the the Web's weave spiders; who would other close it. This power is product of Blibdoolpoolp's Bile Rift special ability continuous
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