Murkin Channel

RegionGrashakh, Ikešai, Imgangreth
Opened7 Hollow 9212 GE

The Murkin Channel is an intra-system rift that links two far apart areas of Midrêth. By way of it, one can leave Brucrumus's Underdark region Imgangreth and arrive in the Straiden Underdark region Ikešai, or vice-versa and all in an instant.

The Murkin Channel came about in the God Era when the Underdark was being contested by the demons and angels battling in the Demon Spawn War and other independents. These independents were those who took advantage of the war to take a side only when necessary. When left alone they worked to carve out some real estate for themselves and their subjects. On 7 Hollow 9212 GE, the primordial lord Blibdoolpoolp created a permanent tear in the Web of Magic - using only her bile. This was a shallow tear resulting in an intra-system rift between two distant areas of Bal-Kriav's Underdark. In the Demon Spawn War, Imgangreth was lost to the forces of Blibdoolpoolp, so her mainly kuo-toa supplicates of the great Underdark sea Cthorgo retreated into the rift. They escaped certain death or slavery by the grimlock armies of Tarâk who sought Imgangreth at the expense of others - be they Covenant, demon prince, or independent like Blibdoolpoolp. They escaped the deeps of Garathral and travelled to Anulu by way of this rift.

The Murkin Channel has remained open because it has never been detected by the Web's weave spiders; a product of them being created by Blibdoolpoolp's Bile Rift special ability.

The northern entrance to the Murkin Channel is in the deepest part of the surface lake Murkin. It appears as a very large inky black area of water. By swimming into it, one is taken to an Underdark lake in the bowels of Ikešai. The rift entrances on both sides of the Murkin Channel are deep underwater, 1800' on the Murkin side, and 2500' on the Fishur side. Murkin's rift gives access to either the surface or by swimming down you enter streams and channels of water flowing down to Cthorgo. The water does not drain down from the lake above because of the nature of the rift with is much denser than the water above it.

The rift's southern entrance is the Underdark lake Fishur. In 9212 GE, kuo-toans fleeing Tarâk's armies settled the area around the rift's opening. The oldest settlements of this group is Fongruk-Toa. Today, Imgangreth's grimlocks are shell of their former greatness, leaving Murkin Channel unguarded. As a result, raiders out of Fongruk-Toa plunder the shores of the surface lake Murkin and slave hunt the Underdark passages of Garathral.

The illithids of Ginrall keep an elaborate system of records. Written in Qualith, they are the best source of information on the Murkin Channel.

Blibdoolpoolp, commonly referred to as the Great Mother by the kuo-toa, created the Murkin Channel as avenue for their escape. In 9212 GE, assuming a five year deviation, Blibdoolpoolp saw her minions suffering from the attacks of Tarâk's followers. Blibdoolpoolp's people were rightfully Tarâk's, since she had long been capturing his grimlocks and changing them to be more like her. At the Toadoolp Twists, these hapless prisoners were chaos infused and corrupted with fell magic to become kuo-toans. Siquintex says that Blibdoolpoolp did the same with the followers of other gods too. I could garner no more wisdom from the elder brain since it deemed the information too sensitive and liable to draw the wrath of higher powers.

- from a Qualith stone at Gindrall - "Corrution of Blibdoolpoolp"