CategoryHigher Powers
WorldDemonweb Pits
RaceDrow (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
DomainChaos, Darkness, Evil, Spider
EnemiesCorellon, Goul'lumin, Segojan, Sehanine
Godhood9 Brighstar 401 LE

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Lolth rose to the angelic rank of a Firre. For part of this conflict, she served under the solar Sehanine who in turn served the archangel Corellon.

While stationed on Kriav, overseeing operations in the region Draugluin, the Covenant faced demon invasions on multiple fronts. In one of these conflicts, the Battle of Belevreth, General Lolth and her wood elf army found themselves surrounded by three demon armies. Surrounded and beaten, Lolth was given terms of surrender, her army was promised safe passage in exchange for her being made Goul'lumin's prisoner.

Remarkably, the demons stuck to their word. For Lolth, a harsh period of torture and indoctrination followed, along with a great disliking for her male guards. The story of her breakout involved pacts with demon spiders and others convinced by charm, or promised great power and wealth. Lolth's return to the banners of the Covenant came with a bit of distrust. Gone for twelve years, indoctrination and psychic torture by demons considered the best at such work, the Covenant leadership were hesitant at putting her to work around others until she had proven that she wasn't to taken to doing things in the "abyssal" way. Lolth was sent to lead her famed "Dark Legions", soldiers created for the night, her Drow guarding and patrolling Eldendil's subterrrean tiers.

After the Angelic Depature, Lolth founded ThiliorĂșth, the first Drow empire. An empress worshiped like a god, she ascended on 9 Brighstar 401 LE.

Lolth has helped mortals on many occasions. Violations of the Mandate of the Heavens, The Balance has punished her several times. Her most recent assistance to her mortal supplicants happened in the Second Epoch when she gave primordial magic to the Eldalweril; resulting in the Entropic Eddies of the High Wood Country.

Lolth is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Demonweb Pits. She is the patron deity of most drow matriarchal societies.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Zomaar Yelvaad
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks