Fihrgrell Drain

Opened23 Dreamer 9274 GE
Closed9 Bloom 9467 GE

The rift Fihrgrell Drain was created in the Demon Spawn War by engineers serving under the Covenant general Abbathor. Detonating a null mine, they tore a hole in the Web of Magic, creating a rift between Bal-Kriav's Ratanur Trap and the Abyssal world Kurun'Ush. This risky operations, one bound to attrack weave spiders, was done solely to counter the effects of the Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift. It sucked in the seawater coming out of this rift, sending it back to whence it came.

On 9 Bloom 9467 GE, the Fihrgrell Drain was repaired, closed by the Web's weave spiders.

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