RegionAerie of Dragons
OwnerTári Súrion
BuiltGod Era
MapsIizus Yeldah

Fingeral is a coastal area with hundreds of spires and columns of rock jutting from the seabed and rising above the waves for dozens and hundreds of feet. All of these rocky formation were unnaturally made in the Demon Spawn War by the god Sashelas. He made them with a powerful artifact called Sashelas's Wrath. The spires and columns were built as a coastal defense for the citadel Parhaer. In the Demon Spawn War, this coastal bastion served as a place of relative safety for mortals and celestials threatened by the Gorag'theg's demon hordes coming out of the Sôvuk Sea Gate and the land and air based ones being sent forth from Orcus. The sea attacks proved the the most damaging because Gorag'theg's armies controlled the seas with the opposing angelic armies giving up the area to hold ?rengor. Sashelas did what he could for the landlubbers holed up in Parhaer, creating a web of spires to serve as a defense against these sea attacks. The people of Parhaer built fortifications on some of these spires and interlaced those tightly packed with barbed nets and other barricades. Fingeral proved to be very effective against Gorag'theg's demon hordes, with them never succeeding in capturing Parhaer. When faced with Orcus's demons, the city's population would retreat into the fortresses dotting the spires. They returned to Parhaer whenever Orcus's armies moved out of the area and returned to them again each time an overwhelming force came against them from the landward side.

Today the spires of Fingeral are interlaced with reefs making the area unnavigable by ships of deep draft. The spires are still reachable from the shore with rope bridges and permanent ones going outward for miles in all directions. Those closer to the shore hold manors, homes of the wealthy, or company owned. Those spires near the deep channel leading into the port of Parhaer still hold their defensive value with them serving as coastal fortifications and garrisons for the Tári Súrion.