Battle of Belevreth

Period5 Temporal - 15 Temporal 9306 GE
Lolth (Covenant) VS Goul'lumin

One of many battles of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), this ten day battle was waged between the Covenant general Lolth and three demon generals answering to the demon lord Goul'lumin. The demon generals, having strategically positioned themselves, attacked from three directions. Two came up from below, out of the subterrrean forests of Castamion, the other marched across Draugluin's scarred lands. Lolth knew something was amiss, but having her intelligence network pierced, they missed key information on enemy movements. It led to Lolth being surrounded, fighting running battles where many succumbed to exhaustion. They extracted what they could by magic and griffons, leaving the bulk of the army at the demon's mercy. Lolth met with the emissaries of three demon armies with an effectiveness of 50%. It was still far more than what they she could muster with magic and witch brews. The terms were simple, in exchange for safe passage of her army out of Draugluin, Lolth was to become Goul'lumin's prisoner for the rest of the war. Strangely, the demons kept their word. Lolth's army retired to rebuild and continue the fight against the demons in the Castamion Region. Twelve years later, Lolth escaped the clutches of Goul'lumin, returning to fight for the Covenant; under careful watch.