Blipool, the wet half
Founded18 Lunar 9095 GE

Blipool, the southernmost city of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom, birthplace of the Kuo-toa, began as a processing site for captives destined for the Second Toadoolp Twist. At the time, this area was an entropic pond, making Kuo-toa from those tossed into waters flooded with entropic energy. Those that survived this ordeal, were taken to indoctrination centers where they were worked on by the city's doctors, the Soothsayers of Blipool. Working under the command of Blibdoolpoolp, an ex-solider of the demon lord Athroond, they made sure that the subjects were not mentally damaged from their transformation. Not a perfect process, leading to kuo-toa variations like monitors and whips and their propensity to go insane.

After Blibdoolpoolp left the realm of mortals, becoming a Higher Power, she changed the Toadoolp Twists. Pools for making Kuo-toa became gateways to distant lands. Places like Moolowik and Blipool became great half-submerged citadels, controlling the rift's traffic. The Soothsayers of Blipool became more powerful after Blibdoolpoolp's departure. They delved deeper into the workings of the mind; stuff usually not to to the benefit of those in restraints.

Home to amphibians and those not, part of Blipool is an underwater city, aglow with magical lights, and thousands of glassteel windows. Some of these places can be reached from the dryer half above, others require an underwater swim.

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