Ishtu Irrai

Established17 Hollow 9042 GE

Ishtu Irrai is a holy order established in the God Era. It was founded by a group of angels battling the demons of the Demon Spawn War. They were based out of Phollûmâ and operated all over Midrêth. They were also charged with the task of monitoring the activities of Bal-Kriav's primordials, both free wandering, and those imprisoned in places like Denerra, Nautrek, Rumak, Timinórë, and Regadnîn.

At the end of God Era, the angels and gods left the realm of mortals for other systems. Ishtu Irrai was left in the hands of mortals, half-celestials, and goodly creatures like coutl, shedu, gold dragons, and unicorns. They have kept a vigilant watch over the passing ages since the God Era, coming to the aid of embattled peoples fighting great evil or unabated chaos.

In 2612 LE, Ishtu Irrai forcefully took the rift-making tome of Irata Phelgas from fanatics pledged to Coeus.

Ishtu Irrai is very secretive, preferring to work behind the scenes, but when justice needs to be served, they come upon them with a force terrifying to behold. They have often been asked why they did not do more in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), perhaps one of the darkest times of post-God Era. The response has been that they were engaged at the time in the Thrones War and to have left that theater would probably have resulted in the fall of Tamlêrran.

In the Cinazan Front, a lich named Tanazarân served the Khazarkar Empire and the Ishtu Irrai. Serving the latter, he worked to steer a group of Maul Seekers on a path that would benefit the people of the Khazarkar Empire rather than the interests of the Khazarkar theocracy, the Pharzîmrâth.

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