Battle of Dream Madness

Period9303 GE
Blibdoolpoolp VS Tarâk

In 9303 GE, the Battle of Dream Madness was fought between Blibdoolpoolp and her devout kuo-toan legions and the grimlock hordes under Tarâk. Up until this battle, for nearly a century, they had competed for the people of Imgangreth and into sector Gurz. They both wanted, needed, the divine energy that comes from worship, strengthening their rite to enter the Temple of Ascension.

Many of Blibdoolpoolp's people were rightfully Tarâk's. For centuries, Blibdoolpoolp's minions had been capturing grimlocks for processing. Many disappeared, then came the new arrivals they said, just in from the Murkin Channel. These were only new in form. Tossed into the Toadoolp Twists, these hapless prisoners were chaos infused, corrupted with fell energy, turning them into kuo-toans. They had the minds of children. For them, no matter what their age, learning had just begun. Whipped about, and trained hard to "catch-up", they became known as kuo-toan whips.

- from a Qualith stone at Gindrall - "Corrution of Blibdoolpoolp"

The Battle of Dream Madness ended with the remnants of Blibdoolpoolp's army fleeing through the Murkin Channel. They went on to make a new home in the region of Ikešai; founding Fongruk-Toa later in the year.

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