TypeProgeny of Baltalas
Alignmentchaotic evil

Kerath is a spawn of the primordial lord Baltalas. In the Hoof Front, Orcus found a way of getting Kerath from his home world Muspelheim to the war-torn world Bal-Kriav. In the Underdark demon citadel Ghak, Kerath broke loose. He burned his way to the surface then rampaged through the demon lines and then into the rear of the angelic armies where he ran amok destroying supply lines and units heading to the front or those returning with wounded. Eventually, Bahamut and Geb caught up with him in northwestern Hiznaar Goz. They brought down part of a cliff on him, burying him under rubble. They knew the fiery origins of the creature, so the rock pile would not hold him forever. Atlas, then a titan hero of the Quara'tun Covenant, was tasked with making chains to hold him down. These chains became known as the Kerath Anchors. Kerath was chained to the very earth and rock around him. Geb, with his ability to move through earth, stone, and rock as if it weren't there, did the work of dragging the chains through the Underdark.

Kerath, an immortal, is still alive. He remains chained to this day, his brooding and anger having created a volcano around his body. When he is really angry, the volcano Sken Drog erupts, when he is brooding, it billows clouds of smoke for weeks on end, and when he is despondent it is dormant for many months.

Baltalas never named his spawn, so it was left to Geb to named this primordial. He named it Kerath after a crazy son of Thyrm. Because of this gesture, Thyrm became a forever friend of Geb for this was a snub against his also most hated son.

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