Well of Afterlife

Typeartifact, legendary
SmithBruh Kreniik, others
EnchanterBruh Kreniik, others
LocationSoul Gathering Systems

A Well of Afterlife is a spirit trap that draws spirits to it. The spirit's journey to the well is quick, drawn across the universe in but a thought. The first Well of Afterlife was forged and enchanted by Bruh Kreniik. He made it as a means of continuation of the living after death. At the time, those that were created out of life energy were around only for as long as they lived. When they died, their life energy became soul energy, which then dissolved back into Chaos or broke apart into life motes and went adrift in the multiverse. This cycle made his job of Creation fruitless if soul energy was lost to entropy, forever gone. The first Well of Afterlife, and many after it, were made to capture the soul energy of the dead - the spirit, and then resurrect them.

Bruh Kreniik could not get the Well of Afterlife to work near Chaos so he created another system and tried it there. He did this many more times till he had one that the Well would attune too. The first world one of these devices attuned to was Lunia. It became the soul gather for souls of negative entropy and holy energy. When it was learned that only some spirits were going through the Well, namely those of the lawful good disposition, he went to work making other Wells, nine of them. Each were placed in a system of worlds, becoming a Soul Gathering Systems.

By the God Era, the Wells of Afterlife became obsolete. Nobody knows why, but it is theorized that the systems or the worlds around them became the new focus, or magnet, for spirits.

Soul Magnetdraws in soul energy that a Well is tuned toocontinuous
Tier 3 CreationThose of sufficient mental power (Will DC35), near an active Well of Afterlife, can create a body for a Well's soulcontinuous