CategoryHigher Powers
WorldFerri'lith (Abyss)
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Symbolflail dripping blood

Yeenoghu is demon lord of the world Ferri'lith. He is worshiped by some gnoll tribes and a few goblin ones. His power in the realm is limited, mostly because he has enough problems with keeping territory in the Abyss.

In 9111 GE of the Demon Spawn War, Yeenoghu invaded Bal-Kriav by way of the Primordial Storm. He had as his closet advisor, a disembodied thinker named Ingu'lumin. This creature of primordial-make was the brains, and Yeenoghu the brawn for a demon offensive to capture and control all of what is today known as the Northern Hordelands. His forces made forays into all the battle sectors that touch this region.

The gnoll race was created when Ingu'lumin gave Yeenoghu a Spark of Creation. For a very short time, this life energy gave him the power to create lifeforms, just like a Tier 3 Creationists. On 3 Hollow 9199 GE, Yeenoghu created the gnoll race. He made them a lesser version of himself, and lesser not just smaller but also more stooped in stature - teetering between going on all four or remaining on two legs.

In one of the last great battles of the Demon Spawn War, and around the same time as the Fallen Angels came about, an angelic general named Geryon was banished from Bal-Kriav. His close association with Asmodeus, now a Fallen Angel, caused this to happen, for he and other close allies of Asmodeus were being cast out of the Mortal Systems. When Geryon was yanked away, he left his army without its most able leader. At the time, his army was on the field of battle with the demon an gnoll army of Yeenoghu. Geryon's gorantin army was defeated, enslaved, then taken back through the Primordial Storm to the Abyss. The gorantin that found themselves in the Abyss under the yoke of the demons were not to remain mortal. They were warped and corrupted by the nature of the Abyss, becoming demons themselves - the first bar-lgura.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Apex Savagery all wounds inflicted bleed 5 hit points a round and can only be healed magically
Divine Toughness+500 hit points as Cult Power
Modulating Energy+5 modulating energy damage for all attacks