RegionAerie of Dragons
Built12 Brightstar 9261 GE
MapHiznaar Goz

Thadir was built by the Hammers of Khage. In the God Era, these dwarven clans built Thadir as the southern tip of the fortifications of Viiz Bo Rei. This line of defenses along the river Viiz Bo was erected under the direction of Asmodeus's general of engineering Dispater. Thadir and the other fortifications along the river were built to defend against the demon hordes of Orcus pushed east with the Hoof Front.

In the Demon Spawn War, Orcus sought to take the Aerie of Dragons for no other reason than to flank Demogorgon's advance into Lirgaza and Inirthak. He was never too serious about the whole war, seeking to annoy the machinations of the demon lords, and fighting the angelic armies whenever they got in his way.

- Asmodeus, from book five of the Thuaxor Keozhal - "Orcus Indifference"

Thadir was built in the walls of Tu Naar, overlooking the upper valley part of the Feykro Silon forest where it meets Krent Talaav. The meeting of these two valleys made Thadir strategically important. In the Hoof Front it was major thorn for Orcus. Thadir, built after this mini-war of the Demon Spawn War, went on to serve as the headquarters and central garrison for the Hammers of Khage and two wings of Bahamut's dragon army Nonvul Viing. As the theater of war moved east, Thadir was relegated to being a hospital and training area for green troops.

At the end of the Demon Spawn War, mortals of this realm and others were left to their own designs, and the angels and gods that battled across the multi-verse in the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War departed for their own systems. Thadir became the home of the dwarves that served in the Hammer of Khage. The descendants of the Hammers of Khage are collectively referred to as the Khage.

In the early part of the Lith-Crillion Era, Thadir grew to be a city-state. By the Horgon Era, the dwarves had built a vast network of mines and tunnels across and down into Tu Naar. As the mine heads moved farther from Thadir, so did the population and its workers. As a result, Thadir's population shrunk and it became a trading center for wares coming out of Khage's subterranean holds. It was during this time that social problems came about from those wanting to go deep with the mines and those wanting to mine closer to the surface and be closer to the outside world. In 400 HE, eight dwarven clans splintered from the Khage. They left Thadir and traveled east where they settled in the peaks of Inzurakthol.

In the Horgon Era's 9th century, the Dominion of Resalth began its annexation plan for Feykro Silon and other areas between Lotlom Vund and Tu Naar. Back by several wings of dragons - all descendants of the legendary dragon army Nonvul Viing, the Khage fortress Thadir was the area's biggest threat. The cunning of Resalth and the military genius of Balfroglemis overcame the dragons and the dwarven defenses of Thadir. This was the last objective of the March of Resalth (898 HE - 933 HE). During the fall of Thadir, the garrison retreated into the tunnels of Tu Naar, collapsing tunnels, relocating it said far into the subterranean depths.

Due to the ghost dragons of Feykro Silon, the Khage have never tried to rebuild the place.

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