Ownerindependent city-state
Founded3 War March 8790 GE

Meshond is ancient bastion constructed in the God Era. It was built by Danzar-Khâl and a crack force of Turkûn. The place was erected to monitor the wastes of Sava'khar and keep watch for any primordial awakening or the escape of them or one of their minions. When the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm rained upon Gorejun, the basin of Malurn was created from one massive impact. The Gûrkimâdda say that a blue cloud of light exploded over the lands which had all the properties of magic emanation of divine power. They were to later learn that this magical blast was from the destruction of the World Splitter which was inside one of the rocks that fell in this area. The fortress of Meshond was spared total destruction by the sinking of the lands which are thought to have been caused by the magic being released from the god-made device.

When the gods left the realm, Danzar-Khâl left Meshond under the watch of a crack force called the Gûrkimâdda. Now an order, this group has grown greatly in size since the God Era. Some dwarves in far away lands have bloodlines to those groups that have left Meshond and re-settled elsewhere.

Meshond is a massive fortress where dragons can fly through the main halls and titans three spans high can walk easily through. The walls are several hundred feet thick in some areas and contain innumerable chambers and passages built over thousands of years. The siege engines atop and inside the walls vary in size, but the greatest of those are massive war machines designed to battle primordial behemoths. These weapons are so large that it took specially forged golems to operate them. These siege golems are slow and ponderous and used mainly as immobile loaders for enormous ballistas, catapults, and trebuchets.

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