LocationSea of Mourning
RegionAerie of Dragons
Ownerindependent city-state
Sea Elf70%
Founded6 Brightstar 9392 GE
MapIizus Yeldah

Merenwen is an ancient undersea city founded by the Aldír Geleb. In the God Era, this army turned colonists, comprised mostly of sea elves, journeyed to Iizus Yeldah by way of the Sea Tunnel. They are perhaps the first group of people to use this marvel for non-military purposes.

In the Demon Spawn War, Merenwen continued to aid the Covenant; like they had once done under Sathel. Merenwen's position made it strategically important because to the north in the Aerie of Dragons were the demon hordes under Orcus, while to the east were the hordes coming out of the Sôvuk Sea Gate. The angelic forces and the sea elves stationed at Merenwen, Elbothiach, and Irengor fought to keep the demons from breaking out towards the islands and lands to the west.

After the Demons Spawn War was won, Merenwen returned to civilization building. Into the Lith-Crillion Era the city's glory and population fluctuated greatly from the incessant wars with the sahuagin of Onai'gom. In the Fifth Thane War, Merenwen decided to use an ancient relic against their hated foes. This item up to then known as the Baton of Sathel, was used against Onai'gom, totally destroying the city and its population. No trace of the city was left:

It was as if the place never existed, a relic powerful beyond our imagination, one used by Great Sathel to carve mountains, valleys, and shape the land beneath the oceans.

Sadly, it was not met to be wielded by us petty mortals, for in using it against Onai'gom, we failed to understand that to power it required someone with the might of a Creationist. The Baton of Sathel used 99% of its own power to pull off what would be its last act of creation.

- Albor Elphiroth, city historian of Merenwen - "Annihilation of Onai'gom"

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